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Welcome to Little Art Monkeys

The home of art projects for children of all ages and skill levels! Be sure to check back regularly to find new projects including holiday themed projects, gift ideas and much more!

Latest Projects

Sand Bottle Art

Sand Bottle Art


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Our goal is to provide easy to understand project instructions for kids of all ages.

Our projects range from very simple projects that take only a few minutes and a few supplies, to projects with multiple steps that may require days to complete (often due to the need for drying time between steps). Each project is rated for age appropriateness by a certified at teacher. Each includes a supply list and step by step instructions, including pictures of the steps.

These projects have been gathered over many years. Many are projects that I completed as a child with my mom’s awesome guidance. Many more come from my time as an art teacher in the Texas public schools. And still more come from my years as a preschool teacher. Family and friends have given me endless ideas and help with these projects (especially my awesome sister-in-law Liz and my super niece Allie and nephew Aiden).